Anna Todd's novel "After"
What is good about the film adaptation?

Modern literature plays an important role in the life of young people. It interests and instills a love for books to those who have stopped loving to read. One of the most striking examples of excellent works of modernity is the novel "After" by Anna Todd.
Its first publication took place in 2014. At the moment, the work consists of several parts and work is underway on a sequel. In 2019, the long-awaited film adaptation, beloved by fans, was released.
Director Jenny Gage worked on the film "After". Note that each selected actor really brings his character to the screen: from eye color to inner qualities! Viewers, according to the website "", most of all fascinated Josephine Langford.
Anna Todd felt the pulse of her audience and managed to reflect their lives. Perhaps that is why the work is so interested in young people.
Sofia Schreiber
— "Her game is beautiful! The girl shows great promise in the film industry," users write. The young actress coped with her difficult task perfectly. This is confirmed by the reviews of inspired viewers.
The film itself became popular immediately after its release: millions of readers of the novel were waiting for it. The main audience, according to the website "", made up of people from 16 to 25 years old. There are many more adult viewers who liked the film!