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Film adaptation of the book "Castle of Glass" by Jeannette Walls

The film adaptation of the book by Jeannette Walls "Castle of Glass" had the opportunity to become incredibly popular and capture the 2017 film distribution. Unfortunately, she was unable to find the popularity of her print parent, although Jennifer Lawrence and Gary Ross joined the work. Let's remember about the failed hit.
Contradicts the original idea of the author. The main indicator of this is the moment when Giannetta moved to New York. In the film, the viewer is shown how moving magically "turned a pumpkin into a carriage." In the book, the writer honestly writes that the girl gradually went to a rich life, working 90 hours a week.
It is also important to note that the film adaptation could not convey the character of the father of the main character. In the book, he is shown as a dreamer, a man who gets stars for his babies for the new year. The film shows us an alcoholic who only causes disgust. At best, the viewer feels sorry for him. The transfer of the character to the screen was unsuccessful due to the fact that the personality simplified and indicated only negative traits.
The main reason for the failure is that the director could not correctly convey the main problem of the book. A glass castle in printed form leaves with questions, the film, trying to give answers to these questions, shows weaknesses. The emphasis shifts from Giannette, from the person about whom the work was written, to her parents, and especially her father. Rex in the book acts more like a dissolute dreamer, an alcoholic and a loving father.
Anastasia Rudova
Negative traits alternate with positive ones. Shifting the focus to such a character in the drama is a very risky decision. Especially in the movie, because the story wasn't about him. Rex is an ordinary character based on the real prototype of the writer's father, but he is not the main character. His task is to reveal the character of his daughter, and not to overshadow her in his own story. This is felt most strongly and repels the majority of people watching the film adaptation.
If it succeeds, then the work remains in the memory of a generation. There are many examples of that proof from "Blade Runner" to "The Lord of the Rings", "Castle of Glass" is not the worst movie, it rather acts as a bad adaptation. A job that has potential, but is constrained within the framework of printed labyrinths.