The work of Edgar Poe in the film "Crimson Peak"
From the first minutes of Crimson Peak (2015), anxiety and anxiety are felt. Does it remind you of anything? Such horror could already be familiar to you from the works of Edgar Poe. We are looking for references of the film by Guillermo del Toro in imperishable works. From the first minutes of Crimson Peak (2015), anxiety and anxiety are felt. Does it remind you of anything? Such horror could already be familiar to you from the works of Edgar Poe. We are looking for references of the film by Guillermo del Toro in imperishable works.
The film has very well-chosen actors who carried a sense of horror and panic through the entire storyline. The performer of the main role, Edith, is similar to the heroines of E. A. Poe's short stories "Berenice" and "Ligeia". They are all fabulously beautiful, well-read and cheerful, but for a certain time. At some point, the girls get sick, they can't heal in any way, they slowly die. Fortunately, the heroine of the film "Crimson Peak" was able to find the strength to end the destruction of herself forever under the guidance of her husband and his sister.

Thomas Sharp is Edith's husband, a hero with a "double bottom". To the audience, he appears both as a protagonist and an antagonist. He was involved in the deaths of his ex-wives, and Edith would not be an exception if Thomas did not fall in love with her. The hero appears as a romantic dreamer, a mysterious seeker, but his image combines danger and calmness, anger and kindness.
Lucille Sharp is the negative hero of the film "Crimson Peak", the sister of Thomas Sharp. It was she who was dominant in her relationship with her brother, doing all the "dirty" things, not because of sisterly love. She killed her mother to make it easier for them to live in the house, destroyed Thomas' wives for money. Lucille was an intelligent, beautiful, domineering woman, she tried all her life for the sake of her beloved. The young woman resembles the main character of E. A. Poe's novella "Morella" – both are dangerous and mysterious.

Dr. Alan McMichael is Edith's amorous friend, ready to fight for the girl's life and happiness. A brave, reliable and loyal young man who made the decision to wait for her and hopes for mutual feelings. He was not afraid to make sacrifices for the sake of love, which proves the seriousness of his intentions towards the main character.
Edgar Allan Poe adhered to the principle that all components of a work should be unified. In "Crimson Peak", for example, the mother's deathbed instruction took place throughout the entire film: "When the time comes, beware of the Crimson Peak." The crimson color accompanies the characters throughout the film, and it is not chosen by chance. The shade of red is associated with blood, danger, threat. Even the wedding ring of all the protagonist's wives, which has been on many ring fingers, is this color. Every detail emphasizes the gloom of what is happening.

The similarity of the film and the work of E. A. Poe lies in adherence to a certain narrative model: crime, fact, witness testimony, logic of reasoning, conclusion and outcome of the crime – the identification of the criminal. The Crimson Peak also traces a detective line: Edith Cushing and Dr. Alan Mamichael were investigating deaths in the house.
The clarity of the plot, the consistent logical connection of the episodes, rationalism with drama, tragedy, the atmosphere of nightmare and fear, clarity of details with improbable and monstrous facts – all this unites the works of Edgar Poe with the film "Crimson Peak".
Landscape and interior features in the "Crimson Peak" are similar to the atmosphere in the works of E. A. In their gloom, mystery, coldness. Let's start with the butterflies that are present throughout the film, and they end their existence and die in the end. These insects are associated in humans with lightness, energy and life, but in the director's picture the exact opposite can be traced. It seems that the butterflies convey the psychological mood of Edith, Lucille and Thomas. Their souls will soon perish and this is irreversible.

The film features seasons such as autumn and winter. They are associated with the extinction of life, greyness, death, cold and depression. The weather "pleased" the heroes with rains, blizzards, storms, hurricanes.
Special attention should be paid to the mansion, made in the Gothic style. He was slowly dying, as were the residents of this house. He was "eaten" by red clay, resembling blood and flesh, and a hole was formed in the ceiling, into which leaves and snow fell. There was a feeling that the house was living its own life. Creaking floorboards and doors, red tap water, a massive black piano, an iron elevator, a large staircase, a portrait of a deceased mother, Thomas' homemade toys for his sister – all these details carry colossal visual emotions.
After watching "Crimson Peak" and studying the work of E. A. Poe, it is impossible not to notice a certain similarity in the storylines, images, landscape and interior characteristics. The mystery of the film and the short stories fascinates and leads to anxiety. On a rainy autumn evening, familiarization with the film and the creativity of the writer is simply necessary to feel the atmosphere of mystery and incomprehensibility.
Зуева Анна