"House of the Dragon" - a new era of "Game of Thrones"

HBO has presented one of the most anticipated fantasy series of the year, "House of the Dragon". At the moment, 8 episodes out of 10 have been released, the approximate timing of which is 50-70 minutes.
What is the series about?
The action of the prequel takes place 2 centuries before the events of "Game of Thrones" and is centered around the Targaryen family, who ruled Westeros before King Robert Baratheon gained power. The series was based on George R.R. Martin's book "Flame and Blood", which is plot-related to the book "The Rise of the Dragon".
In the series, we will be told about the Targaryen Civil War — the Dance of Dragons, which followed after the death of King Viserys I. He has an only daughter from Rainier's first marriage. She has a legitimate right to the throne, but Viserys has two sons from his second marriage — Aegon and Aymond. All children claim power, but a woman cannot take the Iron Throne. The king's younger brother Daemon, who acts as the main antagonist of the series, is also eager to get the throne. Daemon hates Viserys' advisors and wants to live his brother with the light.

Is "House of the Dragon" and "Flame and Blood" the same thing? The prequel "House of the Dragon" basically coincides with the plot of the book, but due to the fact that Martin narrates in the book as in a historical chronicle, the screenwriters had to invent the dialogues of the characters themselves, as well as reveal them, corresponding to the original.
Impression of the first audience
The audience reacted with delight to the series, starting from the actors and ending with special effects. At the same time, I must say that at least the first series very clearly tried to put pressure on nostalgia for the original, which was approved by far not all authors. Some wrote that some plot moves seemed to them heresy, although it had little effect on the overall impression.
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Anastasia Rudova