Form style

These rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) govern the non-commercial use of the logo of the Golden Five International Festival of Student Films and Creative Photography (hereinafter referred to as the Festival).

  1. Anyone can place the logo of the Festival on their website or mobile application, subject to the Rules. To use the logo in any other way, you need to obtain a written permission from the Festival by contacting
  2. The logo can only be placed with a direct link to any of the main pages of the Festival.
  3. The appearance, proportions and colors of the logo or its parts must not be distorted. Also, you cannot use the logo or its parts as elements of other logos, trademarks, brand names, slogans and others.
  4. It is impossible to place the logo in such a way that it may be assumed that the Festival will cooperate with any company (person) or that the Festival is involved in the offered goods, services, events.
  5. It is prohibited to place the Festival logo on websites and mobile applications that do not comply with the requirements of the legislation, including: contains inaccurate information about the Festival and its events; materials, the placement of which violates intellectual rights, defames honor, dignity or business reputation, or does not comply with the principles of the Festival.
  6. The festival reserves the right to make changes to the Rules. Such changes will be mandatory for all persons using the logo in accordance with the Rules. The current version of the Rules is always posted at
  7. If the logo is used in ways not provided for by the Rules, the Festival reserves the right to apply for the protection of its legitimate interests to law enforcement and judicial authorities.