Informational partner

Strategic partner

Official partner

General partner


Logo placement of the of your organization on the official website of the Festival
Logo placement of the organization'sat the Press-Wall of the Festival
Logo placement in press releases, announcements, post-releases for the media
Logo placement at the official press conference
Logo placement on all official documents: invitations, diplomas, etc.
Roll-Up placement (quantity: up to three)
Advertising video of the organization at the opening and closing ceremonies
Use of the organization's logo in the Internet broadcasts of the Festival


Diploma indicating partner status
Mention of partnership at the official press conference
Presentation area (area size up to 30 square meters)
Placement of advertising materials in the participant's package
Opportunity to conduct a master class from leading specialists of your organization
Opportunity to perform with a welcoming speech at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival

Use of a product, a certificate for the organization's services as part of the prize fund

Establishment of a special prize in the form of products or services of the organization with an award

Placement of promotional materials in a gift bag
Accompaniment by representatives of the organizing committee of the Festival
Provision of accreditation for photo and video filming
Providing a workplace at the event

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