Sergey Bodrov Jr.

The idol of the whole generation
Sergey Bodrov Jr. was the idol of a generation of people who grew up in the 90s. He personified an entire era when the motto was: "To survive, but to remain human." People believed and still believe his roles, but what is the secret?
The roles that glorified the son of the famous screenwriter and director Sergei Sergeyevich Bodrov Sr. have been fixed in the memory of Russian and foreign viewers. Although Bodrov Jr. did not have a goal to work in the cinema. A combination of circumstances predetermined the fate of the future actor, screenwriter, director.
The cult film in his biography was the work of Alexei Balabanov "Brother", where Sergei Bodrov starred in the title role. The director turned an amateur actor into an idol of the whole nation. The young man, imbued with uncompromising and self-righteousness, won the hearts. There was kindness, empathy, calmness and precocious wisdom in his eyes.

"House of the Dragon" and "Flame and Blood" are the same?
Sergey Bodrov himself was a yard boy who contained all the features of the generation: smoky clothes, Russian rock in headphones, abrasions, scratches, sincerity and rude manners. Behind the severity hides a sensual and deep nature, and for this the people fell in love with him. That's how he was in real life.
He did not stop believing in Russia, its people and power. His love for the country was so strong that patriotism accompanied all his films. Sergey Bodrov always spoke well of his homeland. "She has never ceased to be ours and must not cease, we are responsible for her, whatever she may be. Otherwise, in the mouth of a rocker, and in the mouth of any other typical representative, for example, a party functionary of the 1970s or an enkavedeshnik of the 1930s, all words about the Motherland become speculation. Anyway, we are all together, this is our country and our people," he explained.

Thanks to his love of Russian rock, such bands as "Bi-2", "Nautilus Pompilius", "Semantic Hallucinations" became popular. The song of the last performers "Forever Young", which sounded in the movie "Brother", became associated with Sergei Bodrov. He listened to these musicians himself and used the songs in the works he participated in.
It is not by chance that the past tense is used, Sergei Bodrov Jr. tragically died in the mountains on the set of Svyaznoy. According to the script of the film, the hero dies. The fate of the actor and the roles tragically coincide. This was noted by both his contemporaries and fans. The filming process became fatal for everyone. After this event, the world did not become the same, many things turned upside down in the hearts of loved ones and viewers. For everyone, he remained "forever young".

Zueva Anna