«Netflix's Wednesday»
On November 23, 2022, a series dedicated to the eldest daughter of the "Adams Family" Wednesday will be released.

What is the series about?
Wednesday Addams will go to study at Nevermore Academy, where he will try to find a common language with his classmates. Also, the heroine will discover psychic abilities in herself and learn how to control them. Wednesday will have to stop a series of murders and solve the mystery that affected her family 25 years ago.
The director of "Wednesday" was Tim Burton himself, who directed four of the eight episodes, and the showrunners were Alfred Gow and Miles Millar, who worked together on the series "Secrets of Smallville" and the plot for "Spider-Man 2" by Sam Raimi.
The main role of Wednesday Addams in the series will be played by 20-year-old actress Jenna Ortega, known for the TV series "You", the films "Scream" and "Nanny. Queen of the Damned." Earlier there were rumors that Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp could get the role of Addams' parents. After the release of the teaser, it became clear that Gomez and Morticia will be played by Luis Guzman ("The Way of Carlito") and Catherine Zeta-Jones ("The Mask of Zorro"). In the full trailer of the series, we were shown Uncle Wednesday - Fester Addams, played by comedian Fred Armisen ("Eurotour"). Whether other Addams and heroes already familiar to fans will appear in the series is still unknown.
Also in the show you can see Christina Ricci, who played the role of Wednesday in The Addams Family in 1991. The actress turned into one of the employees of the Nevermore Academy. We will also see Jamie McShane ("Bloodline") and Gwendoline Christie ("Game of Thrones") on the screen.
Anastasia Rudova